Queensland Chrysler Association Drag Day

Well on the slightly chilly and windless morning of Sunday 5th May, myself and Aaron (Azz) headed out from Brisbane towards Warwick.  A fantastic drive on the Cunningham Highway about 120 odd kilometres to the Warwick Dragway 1/8 mile strip.  I met up with Darryl Elliot who is the president of the Queensland Chrysler Association.  After a quick chat and run down of the club, I wandered off to grab my media vest and position myself near the starting line.  Drags started around 10.30am-ish and the action was thick and fast.  Everyone wanted to get in as many runs as possible for qualifying and getting their best run time for the 1/8 mile track.

After the qualifying and a small break, it was on.  QCA had quite a few sections setup: Powder Puff (for the ladies), Street and Super Street.

Now here’s some action pictures!

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During the day, I found out that a chap named Matt had an old Plymouth Fury that he drove all the way down from near Cairns!  That’s a hell of a road trip.  I met up with some old friends from Mackay that were there with a really nice Charger which also won the “Warwick Wildman” burnout.

I’d like to thank QCA for having me along and shortly you’ll see a selection of my images printed in Chrysler Action magazine.

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