Shoot with Dress the Bones

          Well after much stuffing around with the weather in Brisbane of late, we were able to complete a successful fashion shoot.  The shoot consisted of 4 ladies, 10 or so accessories and countless number of outfits!  The shoot itself started off very well, everyone was quick to get into position, get the shots needed, then quickly change for the next one. Candice (the owner of Dress the Bones) was kind enough to bring coffee for those that needed it.  So we got to work around 7am, quickly moving through the outfits required.

Some single shots, some group ones – basically a mixture of items for the website and for promotional material.  I was able to do some macro items for some of the intricate items on the dresses and jewelry.  After finishing up around 10am, I headed home to complete the editing process.  After about 8 hours of work in total, I’ve got 125 photos worth of material to showcase.  Of course, I’m not going to put it all up here!  You’ll have to head over to to see the end results!

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