Downshift laps @ QR

I finally went to a Downshift lap session at QR this Sunday.  For those of you who don’t know who DS are, basically they create and promote events for the car scene within Australia.  So for these lap sessions, pretty much anything can go out from your run of the mill Toyota all the way up to a Supercar.  For $60, you can get out on track and drive around as slow or as fast as you like – and afterwards, you score a free brekkie.  Not a bad deal.  So from this morning, there were a few interesting events; one of which was a hatchback (Civic I think) which decided that a conrod wanted to leave the engine block in a spectacular rattling noise.  A Holden Commodore wagon won the “holy crap my ears hurt” award for the exhaust system which I swear was all open pipes.

As always, complete set of pictures taken this morning can be found on my Facebook Page.

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