Up2NoGood Clothing Co. Photoshoot

Friend of mine owns Up2NoGood and we’ve been chatting for some time in regards to getting some nice photos of some of his products for advertising on social media.  Well he put the call out to a few of his friends to be models for the day and hey presto – we have a shoot on!  I had previous sold all of my studio photography equipment back in 2013 so the hunt was on for some new gear quickly.  If you’ve been following my Facebook Page (if not, why not?) then you’d know my most favorite flash is the Elinchrom units.  Quality, light weight and affordable – something everyone looks for.  I managed to pickup a 2nd hand 500BXRi kit off eBay at a very reasonable price and a few larger softbox attachments, booked a time with Michael and we’re a go!

Thanks goes out to Michael who also put in a great feed after the shoot for everyone.  More thanks to Richard, Kim and Jess for being the models for the day and putting up with me.

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